Auto gate FAQs

Clear immigration lane within seconds

At BorderPass we are constantly focusing on improving our user-interface interaction with the KIOSK. If you don't have an answer to your question, email us at

You own your data. BorderPass acts as a custodian and sends it to the destination government to facilitate expedited airport immigration. Non-personally identifiable meta data will be collated for statistical purposes. We are committed to the PDPA.

We wanted to build a secure service that we would be confident using ourselves. Our website uses SSL technology, our databases are encrypted, we require multi-factor authentication at our gates, and use email verification and notifications to secure account and gate access.

Based on your feedback to Human Resources we will determine if BorderPass is suitable to be included in your company’s employee benefits plan. If no agreement can be reached, all your information will be deleted from our databases.

ASEAN employees from regional offices who are visiting Kuala Lumpur as a business traveler or tourist.

We hope to expand the program gradually. Stay tuned!

The use of our gates is optional. You will still be able to use the manual lanes.

No. Your entry and exit is subject to the immigration authority’s full discretion.